Capo Industries produces highly engineered components for aerospace, turbine engine, industrial gas turbine, and general industrial markets. Since 1977 our customers have described us as a top-rated producer of complex turbine engine components. Performance is built into every component that we manufacture.


These superalloy components include: 

  • Rotating Knife Edge Seals
  • Shrouds and Shroud Assemblies
  • Diffusers & Diffuser Assemblies 
  • Containment Rings
  • Low & High Pressure Turbine Cases
  • Turbine Cases
  • Engine Mount and Yoke Assemblies
  • Flange Rings
  • Turbine Nozzles
  • Static Engine Parts 


Capo Industries owns and maintains some of the most sophisticated machining, programming, and inspection systems available today.


Our formalized training sessions at all levels of the organization assures that the most innovative and efficient techniques are mastered, implemented, and maintained to the highest standards of flight-critical hardware. 


Your success is our imperative. We are driven, even obsessive with our attainment of your complete satisfaction. Time and again we demonstrate our commitment by operating at a level that exceeds the standards set by the world's aviation governing bodies.


As an ISO 9001 registered company, and with AS 9100C certification, we are ranked and recognized among the elite of aerospace manufacturers. But this is just the beginning. 


We're looking to the future with a focus on new and emerging technologies, continual reinvestment in personnel and equipment, and further enhancement of our partnership with you–and with your future. 



Capo Industries

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